Sunday, October 11, 2009

Last Vacation Time, end report

Well, it looks like I've attended my last convention for 2009. But the last two were a blast, for entirely different reasons.

On the weekend of October 2-4, I was in Bloomington, IL, for the 10th iteration of FlatCon. And it was the last Flat Con since the organizers are giving the convention to others to run. It will most likely be under a different name for 2010, but it was a marvelous run for those years that I attended. I was there to help the CIRCA Gamers run Living Forgotten Realms games, but I was able to get in some playing as well. That was a nice change of pace, as it is not easy for me to play modules when I am running games at cons. Plus, I won a couple of raffle prizes as well.

FlatCon was unusual in they held raffles for a local charity. They procured games and other donated items, sold raffle tickets, and then held a drawing to give them away. I got some decent items (as well as a bunch of filler stuff). A Dungeon Tile supplement, a couple of books, a tote bag, several magnets, two 4.0 D&D modules, with the rest being some free items, store promos, and three copies of the same Hackmaster Hacklopedia of Beasts. Oh well.

On October 9 and 10, I attended Brewfest in Cape Girardeau, MO. This convention was a blast for different reasons. The bad part was the drive from where I was staying to Buckner Brewery, where the convention was being held (thus the appropriate name for the convention besides it being inspired by Greyhawk D&D). My gaming on Friday and early Saturday were LFR games that I wanted to get for my local group, and they went well. But the game on Saturday evening was nothing short of a laugh riot.

If you have never played a round of Kobolds Ate My Baby, then you are missing something in your life. And since this was an all-adult group that went from 8-12 PM, this was an R rated game, and there were times when the game master was laughing so hard that he cried (unless there was the time when he almost choked on his drink). In short, I felt that my entire trip was worth it for playing a game that I had not seen in three years. I plan on spending a bit of my spare cash (what little I have) to find a copy of this game and the harder-to-find supplement.

But anyways, I can see what month we are at, and I know that my employer will be ending overtime work soon. Time to get back to my job and grab what precious overtime pay that I can. It is the main way that I can afford these moments of fun.

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