Monday, June 29, 2009

And Now...Something New

Hello to everybody out there in Blog Land (tm). I guess that, if others out there are starting their own blogs, then I can also create my own. In this blog I will write on events in my life, items that I see in popular culture and current events, and random thoughts that come to me.

Do not expect regular updates, as I will write as I feel the need. I am not trying this just to feed my ego. If I want to do that, I would seek to do this for profit. This is expressing my thoughts.

Now, an introduction. My real name is James, and if you know of me (and my nickname), then you know who I am. Others may inquire, but I will tell only if I feel it is necessary. Mind you, I am not choosing to remain anonymous, but I do choose to remain private. Chances are, the items that will be included here will not be controversial. If so, I will add it to the title.

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