Saturday, December 24, 2011

Just found...

I was going over some items in the room where I keep my computer. One of the items that I went through was a clay cup in which I keep my odd coin collection. Now, I generally go through the collection as I find new odd coins, so after I recently got a Canadian quarter, I decided to catalog the cup's collection to see what I now own. Here it is:

-a 1984 Canadian quarter (the new coin)
-a 100 Japanese Yen coin (this came from my friend David)
-a 2003 Chinese 1 Yuan coin
-3 1979 Susan B. Anthony dollar coins
-a 1977 Kennedy half dollar coin
-a 1973 Kennedy half dollar coin
-2 more Canadian quarters (1974 and 1978)
-a British 10 Pence coin (not sure what year)
-a 1980 Greek 5 Drachmai coin
-a 1973 5 Centavos coin (think Mexican, but not sure)--this one is smaller than a US penny
-2 Canadian pennies (1980 and 1994)
-a Norwegian 5 ore coin from 1974
-4 US nickles from 2004 to 2006 (featuring the alternate designs for the face and back)
-3 game tokens from some of the locations that had video games in my local area (the only one that is still good is for Chuck E. Cheese, but there are no local outlets in my home area). I'm not sure about one, but I do remember the Space Port arcade that was on Green St. in the heart of Campus Town (University of Illinois)
-three shells that I collected back in high school when my band took its Florida trip (I got them from Daytona Beach)
-a bracelet that I got as a Christmas gift from my parents many years ago
-a spent rifle jacket. I got this from my best friend (at the time ), Rick Kessler. Rick lived outside of Foosland, IL, at the time, and we got together as much as 4th graders could. The one other thing that I remember about his family was that his father was in the Illinois National Guard (hence why he gave it to me). That still will bring me to a stop.

Anyways, I'll add to this list eventually. I know there are other odd coins out there that are circulating as US coins.

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