Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What a day

Work was actually fine. It was the after work events that made this day a bummer. I got home and turned on the power strip for the computer peripherals. And my wireless router did not turn on. A trip to Best Buy, and the Geek Squad tech told me that the power converter was alright but that the router itself was dead. Not a good sign. So I bought a reasonably priced replacement router. The bad part: Geek Squad installation would have doubled the price that I was paying for the new wireless router. The best part: I did the job on my own, and it was very easy to do the work. So gone is the Demon Duck wireless network. Born is the Demon Duck 2 wireless network. And with only one computer on it, I do not have to worry about setting up network sharing (unless I go ahead and get that secondary computer so that I can check up on work-related items).

I also got some more work done on cleaning up the place for company this weekend. I still have some more to get done, and there is also my Jello salad to make. My sister-in-law is making that special request, so I will promote family harmony and make it. Just as long as it is not the day that my family will make the usual trek to Monical's for dinner. There are just some places that my family has to go to, and the contingent from Wisconsin do not have Monical's up there, so they have to have the pizza and stock up on the house sauces.

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