Friday, May 11, 2012

new in my life...

Follow-up to my last post.  The laundry set-up is now working fine.  The last part was that I was having some problems with the way that the washing machine was draining.  After a visit from a person from Schoonover Sewer Service (I heartily recommend them), I found out that I need to moderate how much fluids into the washing machine  Those high-efficiency units are rather touchy when it comes to amounts of soap/fabric softener that you add to them.  So, I switched over to a dryer-based fabric softener to help out with that situation.  Plus, with the initial laundry done, I can then go for several days without using the system.

Anyways, I'm on a day off.  I'm taking my car to be looked at by the dealership (just a check-up).  Then I'm off to help my father to mow his lawn later today.  Tomorrow it's a day of playing Pathfinder RPG.

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