Saturday, April 14, 2012

Not yet...

I have the new (to me) washing machine in place and hooked up.  But the dryer is taking a bit more work than I thought.  First, I got a bit confused with the exhaust vent.  Vernon, the previous owner of this trailer, had taken his washer and dryer with him, so I had neglected that area.  Now, I found out that the duct in the trailer and the one below it were one unit (not two like I had first thought).  So, I am having someone lay that duct from the dryer to the outside.  I have all of the parts for the job, but I would prefer to have some professional help in doing the work.

Also, I plan on replacing some panels of the trailer's skirt.  I bought the new panels from a local trailer supply place just outside of town.  Getting it home was a challenge, as my car was not meant to transport 12' long pieces of vinyl.  So the person at the shop rigged up a string to hold my car's hatch down so that it did not fly open while I drove the couple of miles back to here.  Plus, I had to pull up the pieces to make sure they did not slip out the back.  Thankfully I got them home without any damage, and I was able to close the hatch.  Now all I have to do is cut the vinyl sheets into the proper lengths so that I can replace the pieces that were cut up when Vernon put his exhaust port in place.

The other part to this is that I also am going to hire a person to alter the electric cable for the dryer.  The first I knew that I needed to make an alteration was when I saw the dryer and compared it to the outlet that is the trailer.  The dryer had a three-prong cable, and the outlet is meant for a four-prong cable.  I bought a replacement cable at Lowe's (a day after buying the duct work parts).  I downloaded a copy of the dryer's manual, and then proceeded to crack open the back of the dryer to the work of replacing the cable.  However, I have gotten perplexed with the layout that I saw.  I compared it to the manual, and saw that the manual had a wire where I did not see it in the actual dryer.  So, I am going to contact a local appliance store and see if they can send a technician out to do the wiring.  I know that I am spending more than I wanted, but best to be safe. I want to stay in this trailer, so time to invest a small amount of cash here to avoid a larger expense in replacing the trailer.

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