Saturday, March 3, 2012

Got lucky today

Well, today was a mixed bag.  But at least I got rid of a headache.

It seems that I became a victim of crime for the second time in my life.  I was checking my email accounts (outside of my main one and my gmail), and found that I had several notices from a credit card account.  Those notices were asking me to call their anti-fraud service.  So I did that.

It turns out that I had somehow given that credit card number to a less than reputable person (or that the number was part of a hack; I'm not sure of the details).  There were a number of charges on that card that I did not recognize.  I seem to remember that there were charges to a couple of internet dating services, an order of flowers, and one really expensive gift for around $500.  They did ask about a couple of charges that I did recognize (gas station, car wash, and a charge for my favorite game site).  So, my account is now in lock-down while wait to get a new card.  But, this also tells me that I need to check that account more often so I can avoid this headache.  And be careful where on the internet I use my credit cards.  I would prefer to avoid this kind of trouble.

As for my first time being a crime victim.  That was a lot more mundane.  Several years ago, someone stole the aluminum porch rails off of my steps while I was at work.  I did report the incident to the sheriff's office, but the deputy who took the report said that it was highly unlikely that anyone would be caught.  Some time later my dad helped build wooden rails for the steps, which I still have today.

My next post will be within a couple of days.  See you all later.

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